• Hi ? Sorry to bother you I organize a Flashmob to pay tribute to Michael Jackson for Blackpool livewire festival knowing that there will be The Jacksons who will do their concert. I will make this flashmob on the music of Smooth Criminal. I chose this music because I think it's the best sound and it makes you want to dance a lot. I will inform the Blackpool Town Hall and the organizer of the livewire festival so that they know and do not cancel the event. For this flashmob you can come dress up in MJ or with any outfit you want. And for the choreography I will publish the video on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Flashmob-Tribute-to-Michael-Jacks…/
    The Flashmob will be located on the docks next to the Tower Headland Arena. I hope that it suits you and did not hesitate to inform your friends family and others to come dancing with us to the Flashmob ?

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